Hiding Her Boobs With The Sheets

Here is Korina Bliss relaxing in bed, wearing absolutely nothing. She can get those covers and try and cover up her boobies as much as possible, but there’s no way she can cover those nice cans. Just a little movement and the camera manages to capture a sneak peek of her side boob and her brown nipple. You can see more of this glamour model and part-time DJ at her official site. That’s where she does cam shows and shows off her plump lips and her plump boobies.

11 Responses to “Hiding Her Boobs With The Sheets”

  1. Imfree says:

    Hey is she single

  2. Boo says:

    I love your tattos you look red hot I would love to meet you and it be lovely if you e-mail me back boo

  3. MANUEL says:


  4. tedboy says:


  5. nick says:


  6. boner says:

    let me see some more pics babe

  7. frank says:

    why dont you hand cufe me &do any thing

  8. joe says:

    hey it would be wonderful if we could meet up in a bit ill bring the condums and wine.

  9. fabio says:

    Nice ass