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Busty Ellen

Friday, July 30th, 2010


Wow have you ever seen a pair of breasts this good? This is a babe named Ellen who just so happens to have a really big pair of boobies. They are so lovely and completely natural too. Dreamy, dare I say.

Soapy Bubble Bath For Her Tits

Friday, July 30th, 2010
The next big boob model to grace the pages of Just Big Boobies is a British babe. She most certainly gives those blokes across the pond some chubby’s with her chubby breasts. This girl is all natural and her boobie jumping can prove it. You can tell her boobz are real because they sag downwards just right. Those fake cans look circular and stand up. She was in the mood for a bubble bath so she took a real soapy one. Those titties are going to be super clean now, perfect for a good titty-lick.

Top Heavy Amateur Babe

Monday, July 12th, 2010
This top heavy babe was outside on a bright sunny summer day. After taking a dip in the pool while wearing her bikini, she went to the shower to clean off all that chlorine. Since she was at her pool at home, why not just take all your clothes off, she thought. So she got completely naked and let the water hit her amazing body. Just look at those boobies. It’s no wonder this babe is a model on the Top Heavy Amateurs site.

Displaying Her Massive H Cup Tits

Thursday, July 1st, 2010
The wonderfully chested and talented Ellie Jay decided that she would grace the pages of Just Big Boobies once again. Frankly, we’re glad to have her. Why wouldn’t we want another chance to look at her monster hooters. Sure this girl is chubby but she gives me a chubby looking at her. In these series of erotic images she can be seen taking off her top, then her bra, all in the hopes of arousing young men. She knows what she’s doing. She might look dumb but this girl knows all about the methods of handing out boners. This girl has contributed to many sticky keyboards across the world. And it’s all because of her massive h-cup titties.